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Cedar Door
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Our Original Mexican Martini has been winning awards all over town since its inception over twenty years ago. Now the Cedar Door has made its top secret recipe and Mexican Martini Mix available to you!

Our Cedar Door Original Mexican Martini Mix is made right here in Texas, and is available for purchase by the bottle at our bar on Willie Nelson Blvd. (2nd) & Brazos St. in Austin, or buy it NOW at our secure online store!

Attention Texas Customers!

You can find our Original Mexican Martini Mix in stock at more local retailers than ever before, including these fine merchants:

Austin: Twin Liquors | H-E-B
San Antonio: Twin Liquors | H-E-B
Dallas: Sigel's
Houston: H-E-B

Our Mexican Martini Mix is avaliable at Twin Liquors Our Mexican Martini Mix is avaliable at Sigel's
Our Mexican Martini Mix is avaliable at H-E-B

Give our mix a try at home or enjoy one at our place. Come on in for Mexican Mondays for great specials and discounts on our famous Original Mexican Martini!

Cedar Door

Visit our Mexican Martini Mix product website for nutrition facts, reviews and recipes!

Cedar Door

DrinkHacker.com recently posted a glowing review of our Mexican Martini Mix:

Review: The Cedar Door Mexican Martini Mix

"As a longtime Austin resident, I cut my teeth on Mexican Martinis, a variant on the Margarita which uses a little more tequila, a little more triple sec, and an olive garnish. Served on the rocks or on the stem - and typically with another drink in a small shaker placed next to your glass.

The debate will likely rage forever on whether The Cedar Door or Trudy's, both Austin landmarks, is the true "home" of the drink - but The Cedar Door is upping the ante on the argument by releasing its own Mexican Martini mix, a 34 ounce bottle of yellow stuff to which you add tequila, triple sec, and a little lime..."
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Cedar Door

Kitty Cridler and Dale Rice of the Austin American Statesman checked out the bottled version of our Original Mexican Martini Mix:

Enjoy Cedar Door's Mexican Martinis and avoid downtown traffic

"The Cedar Door has launched the home version of its famous Mexican martini. The iconic, thrice-moved bar, which says it originated the Mexican martini more than 25 years ago, has now put a critical ingredient in a bottle, the Mexican Martini Mix. You just add tequila, triple sec and a squeeze of lime to the sweet citrus-based mix and garnish the glass with green olives. Voila! You have a Mexican martini. 'This drink has been copied all over Austin and people are always asking us how to make it at home; now we can just hand them a bottle,' Potts says. The mix ($5.99) is available at the bar and at Twin Liquors and H-E-B. Potts says other retailers will be adding it in coming months."

Our Mexican Martini recipe

Our Original Cedar Door Mexican Martini has won awards from the Austin Chronicle as well as Austin Citysearch!

The results are in! Check out what Wes Marshall from the Austin Chronicle says about about the bottled version of the Cedar Door Original Mexican Martini Mix:

"I live 30 miles from the Cedar Door, so it takes some dedication to get there. But I do, mainly to get my Mexican martini fix. Something very satisfying triggers in my brain when I see that icy shaker making its way to my table. And though I'm the biggest snob in the world about margaritas (the perfect version being 3 parts silver tequila-to-2 parts triple sec-to-1 part lime), somehow, when they call it a Mexican martini, I don't mind the simple syrup and orange juice. Those nice people at the Cedar Door have started selling their Mexican martini mix ($5.99 at most area retailers)..." Read more »

Cedar Door

The Cedar Door Original Mexican Martini Mix is listed in the Onion's 2007 AV Club holiday gift guide, "...expertly blended by the namesake Second Street bar that first invented Austin's favorite cocktail more than 25 years ago..." Read more »